The Importance of Finding a Routine For Seniors

Routine is essential in everyone’s life; however, it is especially important for seniors. Routine is an chief tenant of senior care. Daily structure is vital for seniors because it will help keep them on track when it comes to taking medication and other important tasks. Routine also has benefits beyond scheduling.

Seniors should set activities at the same time each day to help create a routine that becomes second nature. This could mean waking up at the same time each day, having a set medication time each morning, having a breakfast at a set time, and having a time mid-morning for coffee or water. The tasks can be adjusted for each person. The important thing is accomplishing a set list of tasks on a set time schedule.

The benefits of routine stretch far beyond ensuring seniors remember their medication. They can expect a better sleep if they engage in a daily routine. Having your day planned ahead of time can increase restfulness. A routine will also help relieve stress and anxiety in seniors. It will offer a sense of purpose to their day and help motivate them from one activity to another. Having a routine removes the uncertainty and stress that comes from a more chaotic day.



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